MingSi &Nicholas Prague pre-wedding

A woman wearing her wedding dress is kissed by her husband under an umbrella as the rain pours down around them against the Charles Bridge at night.

So what does one do when it rains on the day of? Normally we would postpone, but as this was MingSi and Nicholas’s only chance for their Prague pre-wedding we went ahead. Though it was pouring down rain when we started, we were lucky enough to see it stop about an hour later and when… Continue reading MingSi &Nicholas Prague pre-wedding

rainy autumn pre-wedding engagement session in Prague

People often ask ‘what happens if it rains during our pre-wedding session in Prague?‘ Truth be told if we are available the next day – we will happily change it.  After all who wants to get soaked during their photo session? The lovely Irene & Ryan  – who hail from Vancouver – contacted us for… Continue reading rainy autumn pre-wedding engagement session in Prague