Grace & Lance chose Prague for their elopement wedding. Before they married they had an intimate pre dawn wedding day photo session.

Introducing one of my favorite couples from Texas: Grace & Lance.

Grace & Lance are one of those very warm, hospitable and fantastic couples that you enjoy being around. Their smiles and affection towards each other is infections. It was obvious that they were hoping for a unique & beautiful experience for their elopement.

The 5-0 about marrying in Prague…

Prague has become very popular with tourists. With so many tourists out and about it just does not feel intimate any longer. It used to be that on ones wedding day you could take leave of your guests and enjoy a few intimate moments alone on or near the Charles Bridge or especially near the riverside. Those locations are quite prized for couples wishing to capture some unique portraits on their wedding day. Yet with so many tourists out and about, capturing those special moments has become increasingly more difficult (or it was until COVID changed our lives) due to the popularity of the city.

Knowing Grace was wishing to capture the real beauty and atmosphere of Prague – I asked if she would like to: experience the sunrise and the intimate atmosphere of Prague on her wedding day. If they were feeling truly adventurous we could start their session nearly 2 hours before to capture some romantic night time portraits?

These two Texans were game!

What follows is a beautiful start to their Prague wedding day: filled with real moments, a bit of dancing, lots of hugs and the happiness of living life to its fullest. Where Prague and its incredible architecture and locations felt like their city.

I adore capturing sessions like this. Where the focus is on capturing real moments with no distractions, where God’s light leads the way, where two people can intimately and honestly experience a fleeting moment in their lives as they embark on a new chapter together.

Congratulations to Grace & Lance!

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American photographer Kurt Vinion has been capturing weddings & portrait sessions in Prague since 2008. Known for his atmospheric and beautiful portraits, Kurt is regularly called upon to capture portrait sessions for discerning clients around Europe.

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Kurt Vinion

Prague wedding and pre wedding photographer Kurt Vinion (USA) has been capturing weddings, family portraits & engagement sessions in Prague since 2008. A former photojournalist and winner of many international awards and prizes, Kurt is always happy to create timeless, elegant and artistic images for couples from around the world.

Grace & Lance: Prague