Walking through the Old Town in Prague at Sunrise

Walking through the Old Town in Prague at Sunrise

Zoe & Billy gorgeous pre wedding session in Prague!

For our latest very stylish and very hip couple Zoe & Billy, having lots of variety and more importantly having a good time on their Prague Engagement session was an absolute must. They eschewed having an entire session of posed images that typifies the style of so many 'pre weddings'. Though we did create a few unique posed images when we the right opportunity (such as those pre dawn portraits) presented itself.

As is quite common now with most couples - we started our session in the very early hours before the city had awoken. This is truly ideal as you you can enjoy having nearly all of the most iconic sites to yourselves. The wonderful atmosphere that it evokes makes every one of theses sessions that much more special - and yes, easier to capture - if you have the right kind of lighting. Yes, a big plug for Stefan who always rocks it on these session - good job mate!

Our session started near the Charles Bridge at a few locations that lent itself to a more relaxed and yet visually striking scene. Zoe & Billy were all smiles as we took in the sites and capture a few natural styled images as the sky was still dark. Then it was time to head up to the historic Charles Bridge - which even at that hour was quite busy with people. Moments before the sunrise the sky dramatically changed colors providing us with an incredible array of hues to work with. Those very stylish and elegant portraits were created at that time and as you can see the incredible background did not disappoint.

Moments before the sun rise we decided to head back to the riverside and simply have a seat and watch mother nature at its finest. And we were not disappointed. I have seen many sunrises and sunsets but the colors (although lasted only moments) were an incredible hue of pink and purples. One of my favorites (and theirs too) is a simply image of them sitting on the ground with the Charles Bridge in the background. The sky was incredible and those moments frozen in time are personally speaking more rewarding to capture than the posed portraits as those moments are real.

We then headed towards the Old Town in hopes of catching some wonderful light. When we arrived there was already a queue of photographers and wedding couples lined up to be photographed underneath the Astronomical Clock. It was quite funny when you watched the various styles and posing that took place. After about 10-15 minutes of waiting it was our turn. Knowing that Zoe & Billy were more interested in having fun we did two quick shots; them running underneath the clock and of course the standards - stand here pose.

Truth is we were not really interested in spending too much time under the Astronomical Clock as the sunlight in the Old Town was about to break above the spires of Tyn Cathedral. If you have not seen or experienced this yourselves - do yourself a favor and get up early - it is really worth seeing this medieval square at its most beautiful.

Truth be told, with the help of some photoshop magic (removal of about 40 people) the portraits of these two experiencing that wonderful moment is the kind of breathtaking & iconic photos couples love and I enjoy capturing them. Photos where time seemingly stood still as the sun bathes you in the early morning light are truly priceless.

But our morning was not yet over as it was time to return to the Charles Bridge - which was already getting full. Even though it was getting more crowded the sunshine and the happy vibes did not disappoint as Zoe & Billy enjoyed their time just experiencing it without being posed or art directed. Funnily enough as I was taking their pictures quite a few other people were doing the same as even though they did not have a wedding dress on like the other brides - Zoe was the most beautiful lady on the bridge that morning and was noticed by everyone.

After a quick break for some much needed coffee & cake to recharge - it was time for an outfit change and a visit to one of my favorite gardens - the always stunning Vrtba Garden. The best thing about this garden is that the scenery creates a truly magical background for any style of photos as the atmosphere is that beautiful. Of course who can forget the view from above - a must have in our session and Zoe & Billy were truly speechless when they made the trek to the top and took in that unforgettable view.

And just like that our 6 hour session was over. For couples desiring the very best in their pre wedding experience here in Prague we will always suggest these pre dawn or sunrise sessions. As you can see the results are always GORGEOUS!

Clients Testimonials:

Kurt and his team are wonderful! =DDD

My husband and I had a post wedding shooting in Prague for the pre-sunrise and sunrise till noon session in Oct which is the best time of the year with the golden yellow leaves. We were able to take picture under the amazing spots and Kurt definitely know where is the right place to go as he lives there!!

Kurt is native in English so communication with him is very easy and he could teach us how to pose etc. The session was fun and the pictures were amazing!!

Kurt, again, super thanks for those amazing photos, we love them!!! =D

Bride & groom experiencing the atmosphere of the Old Town Square at sunrise

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