Berta bride posing in the Old Town Square at sunrise

Berta bride posing in the Old Town Square at sunrise

Sherri posing like a boss as Matt watches her in Prague's historic Old Town Square.

Sherri is the smoking hot wedding photographer and Matt (a fellow Kentuckian like yours truly) is the sexy entrepreneur who stole her heart - together these two are going places.

When they met; her first impression of him: typical artist - maybe unemployed? Not my type at all. His first impression: way out of his league, loud and way over the top. Funny enough they met again, started chatting and it was 'game over.' First impressions can be very deceiving.

They married a year previously at the mansion they spent a fortune reconstructing in the heart of Cincinnati. Sadly it was not possible for me to even be there (work and travel booked over a year in advance). So when they told me they were coming to Praha and staying at ours I thought hey why not have a post wedding session with yours truly as a wedding gift? And so it was decided.

What follows is a very special post wedding session with one of my favorite couples, friends, mentor, colleague, party peeps, travel peeps and just all around awesome people: Sherri & Matt.

And for the ladies, yes, that is indeed a Berta dress.

Posing like a boss in her Berta designer dress in the Old Town Square at sunrise

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