Deckled Edge prints

Deckled Edge prints

Deckled Edge Cotton Paper Prints

For connoisseurs of fine art printing. Deckled edge prints have a gorgeously feathered edge which feels like they have been discovered between the pages of a long-lost antique. Ready for framing they will make a visual statement in your home. All prints are made by hand in Europe.

Current pricing for year 2021

Deckled Edge Cotton Paper Prints

4x6” (10x15cm) = 20.00 EUR

5x7” (13x18cm) = 23.00 EUR

6x8” (15x20cm) = 28.00 EUR

8x10” (20x25cm) = 43.00 EUR

8x12” (20x30cm) = 50.00 EUR

Not sure about deckled edge prints? We also offer traditional cut Cotton Paper prints made by hand

4x6” (10x15cm) = 16.00 EUR

5x7” (13x18cm) = 17.00 EUR

6x8” (15x20cm) = 19.00 EUR

8x10” (20x25cm) = 23.00 EUR

8x12” (20x30cm) = 24.00 EUR

As well as traditional cut Matte Paper prints, made by hand

4x6” (10x15cm) = 12.00 EUR

5x7” (13x18cm) = 13.00 EUR

6x8” (15x20cm) = 17.00 EUR

8x10” (20x25cm) = 20.00 EUR

8x12” (20x30cm) = 22.00 EUR

Prices are without shipping & handling

For US & North American clients please contact us for our current pricing in USD

Additional add ons such as Wooden Print Box, Clamshell Print Box, Clamshell Print Box + USB can be purchased separately

Contact us for options and current rates


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