Slovakia wedding photo The Best Men night portrait

Slovakia wedding photo The Best Men night portrait

Night time portrait of the Groom and his best men - inspired by the movie Reservoir Dogs

Without doubt this is one of my favorite weddings from 2018. It is in a word: unforgettable. The many authentic moments shared, the location, the many laughs and of course capturing these two very deserving people as they start their new lives together is quite special.

The Background

When Lucia, the beautiful bride from Slovakia met her future husband Cary it was as they would say ‘game over’. They traveled & hiked around, lived together on the West Coast of the US and then later decided to move to Prague where they are currently building their lives as two successful people.

Cary ‘the LA guy’ was obviously totally smitten with Lucia. Instead of focusing on a very promising career in the US, he decided to move half way around the world, learned a new language and started a video production company from scratch. Due to his hard work his business and staff is not only growing, but thriving. Motivated, hard working and honest to a fault these two truly complement each other as a couple.

But where does one marry when you have family & friends from all around the world? Prague, where they live was an obvious choice. But as they really wanted to make their wedding quite special for their family & friends who would be traveling over and so the idea was proposed; find an intimate location where everyone can share in the gorgeous surroundings and not only party but have a venue they can really relax in. Their choice – a hotel straight out of the movie – The Grand Budapest Hotel. The bonus – the incredible Grand Tatras that towers above it. The Grand Hotel Praha with its indoor and outdoor spas, pools and of course the Grand Tatras above it did not disappoint, nor did the hospitality of the locals and staff who created a very intimate and party oriented atmosphere.

The Wedding Day

And so on a late summer day (thought the party had been going on for sometime already) Lucia and Cary did what we all wish to have: they had their dream wedding filled with beautiful, intimate moments shared amongst family & friends and had an unforgettable party to celebrate it. This wedding will not be forgotten for a very long time. It lasted in to the very early hours with lots of singing, dancing (and missing clothes that had to be sold off to buy his wife back) and funny moments (not all of them can or should be shown here). Presented here is a small sample of the many wonderful moments captured on that day.

Badass groom and best men photos - Slovakian weddings

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