Prague bride & groom dancing Queen Anne Summer Palace

Prague bride & groom dancing Queen Anne Summer Palace

The smiling bride Julia as her groom Sergio holds her hand as she twirls in her wedding dress at Queen Anne's summer Palace in Prague during their portrait session at the Castle.

The background story on this wonderful couples Prague wedding

‘My name is Julia. I am planning to get married on 28th of June. After browsing your beautiful work on your website my fiancée and I would like to involve you as our photographer for our special day.’

Julia & Sergio were so excited, so very much in love and full of life – you just knew that they were planning a truly special day for the union of their two families: families & friends from Italy, Russia, Switzerland and many others from around the world. They knew Prague, the locations and they knew exactly what they were looking for. Their only concern: making sure that they had time to enjoy it. Weddings can be so over choreographed that couples rarely have a few moments alone until it is time for bed.

But Julia & Sergio had the time to breath, relax and take it all in after a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Thomas and to reflect on the days events while overlooking one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. I doubt they will ever forget those special intimate moments they shared above Prague on that golden summer day.

It was beautiful and wonderful in so many ways. To view this gorgeous couple and their wedding please visit our featured section.

Bride & Groom dancing under the arch at Queen Anne's Summer Palace

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