bride & groom experiencing sunrise at Old Town Square

bride & groom experiencing sunrise at Old Town Square

This gorgeous couple traveled up from Turkey for their dream wedding in Prague at the Turkish Embassy. When they arrived they realized that as much as they love this city they were shocked at how busy it had become with tourists. As the bride recounted - they were not expecting so many people and everywhere.

As we met up the day before in person I immediately liked them as they told me their dreams, their hopes and that they were both medical doctors back in Istanbul. They were just very sweet and warm as a couple and as individuals. Knowing that their wedding was at lunchtime I asked them if they would like to get up a bit earlier than expected and to have a sunrise session? Their smiles said it all. After a few moments of texting the hair & makeup artists - we were all set.

On the day of we started at the Charles Bridge as there really is no better place to start a session before dawn. The architecture, the ambiance of a nearly deserted city really stood out as did the deep blue sky. As is quite normal we made a set of staged portraits for their families and then we progressed through the morning where I simply encouraged them to be themselves and let me worry about the photos.

This picture was one of those wonderful unscripted moments: where a groom picks up his bride and gives her a wonderful kiss as the sky flares above them silhouetting the Tyn Church overhead. Truth be told, I nearly deleted this as it was not centered and well technically it is not my best. But the feeling that it captured won out and and yes, it is a fave.

Life's unforgettable moments - bride & groom in the Old Town Square

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