dancing under the Astronomical Clock Prague wedding

dancing under the Astronomical Clock Prague wedding

Winter weddings in Prague

As musicians perform their song, Tabitha & Russell (CA) dance under the Astronomical Clock after they had wedded at the Old Town Hall.

Russell's grandfather left Czechoslovakia as a young man with a single suitcase and nothing more. He ended up in Canada and unfortunately never returned as he was quietly building up a new life for himself and his family.

His family never forgot the dedication and personal hardships he endured to start life anew. Many years later Russell and his wonderful fiancee Tabitha returned to Prague to marry and complete a circle that his grandfather started way back when. With his grandfathers suitcase in hand these two had a very quiet and simple ceremony. Afterward their wedding ceremony was complete they walked down the steps from the ceremonial hall and exited it's historic doors where musicians awaited and began performing their song. As many onlookers watched, they danced underneath the Astronomical Clock.

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