The happily engaged celebrating with flares high above Prague

The happily engaged celebrating with flares high above Prague

Celebrating in style high above Prague with flares

It started with an inquiry: Hi Kurt, I would love to book in a surprise proposal for my partner, I want to ask, is there any way of getting some accessories at the proposal? I am looking for flower petals, candles, etc. anything to make the surprise feel a little bit more special for her. I can't wait to hear back from you, thank you!'

From that simple email an incredible surprise was in store for Hiten's girlfriend Rochelle as she walked up the hill unbeknownst to all the meticulous planning that had taken place days before.

Hiten really wanted to make a statement and so I immediately put him in touch with my awesome lighting assistant Stefan - a fellow Aussie. Together they devised the champagne, the rose petals (bio paper of course) and yes, 'smoke bombs'...

I was not exactly sure about the smoke bombs as I felt it was a bit of a fad, but truth be told - and besides alerting the entire city of Prague down below - it worked out beautifully.

Rochelle not only had the surprise of her life but was laughing like mad as a huge cloud of smoke engulfed them.

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