The groom's preparation I Hluboka nad Vltavou wedding

The groom's preparation I Hluboka nad Vltavou wedding

A fairy tale wedding at the Castle Hluboka with Anna & Sergio

This is one of those unforgettable weddings: full of wonderful emotions, many tears, lots of laughter and a long evening of dancing and partying… Anna & Sergio traveled down from Russia to have their very intimate dream wedding at one of Europe’s most beautiful castles – the historic Castle Hluboka. Or as we call it here Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou. The castle situation several hours south of Prague is one of Czechia’s most beautifully preserved and iconic fairy tale castles – picture perfect for our couple who dreamed of such a fairy tale wedding.

The day started off with Anna being prepared with her mother & sisters attending to her every needs. While Sergio, the very serious business man was still conducting business as he was getting prepared and doted over by his always smiling mother.

Though the weather started off quite nice, it did turn quite gray and seemingly threatened to rain, but luckily it did not. The only issue, keeping the many tourists (with their prying lenses) away from out couple during their wedding ceremony which took place outside overlooking the castle down below.

One of the highlights of their wedding took place before their wedding. The 1st look. Seeing the smiles on their faces when they faced each other for the first time in their wedding attire was simply priceless. Thankfully our video guy stepped in quick enough with his wide angle to become the centre of attention causing Anna who was about to tear up to focus on the camera lens stuck in her face… as we say, it is what it is…

And then, it was time to marry…

As a trained photojournalist I always strive to capture those real moments that are shared between people – especially on their wedding day. Another such beautiful moment was Anna tearing up standing underneath a gorgeous floral arch and Sergio tearing up as well as he gently and very sweetly wiped away her tears. After they exchanged their ‘I do’s’ it was time for the official announcement of Mr & Mrs. It was quite beautiful. After some group pictures, champagne toasts and watching the video guy leading them around – I simply asked if they wanted to get away from everyone and for a few moments to simply enjoy the moment.

Truth be told, those few moments when a couple spend time with each other and not being told how to pose and be art directed I feel are very important. As many wedding days become overly art directed it just seems like the right thing to do to allow them some time to each other – after all it is their wedding day.

No sooner did these two arrive at a nice spot (without both the video guy and myself) Sergio’s phone rang and he was back to being the businessman. Anna who was all smiles took it in stride and one of my favorite images is Sergio looking away (trying to hide the phone call) as Anna smiled with the ‘business as usual’ look. But Sergio made it up to her a few moments later and those moments captured here are fantastic.

After a few more drinks it was time to drive back to Prague (Maybach of course) and have a very small photo session. As Anna spent most of her day being art directed she asked me ‘if it was my wedding day where would I wish to go for one very special picture?’ Naturally I knew just the place and we went straight there.

Just as we arrived something beautiful happened, the sun finally came out and broke the dull grey sky and as it did the energy level of these two rose just as much leading to some impromptu dances and many smiles and hugs of happiness. Though we traveled to their wedding dinner & reception (a very lavish gala was ordered for the evening) one of my favorite images of these two – just being themselves and enjoying the view overlooking Prague as a Golden colored sunlight filtered through the trees and lighting up their smiles.

Sometimes the best images are those that are totally off script and unplanned such as these two dancing as the sun flared around them above Prague on that gorgeous summer day.

Для Анны и Серхио было очень приятно запечатлеть ваш прекрасный свадебный день. И я также очень рад, что спроектировал и создал такую великолепную свадебную книгу. Я желаю вам обоим большого счастья, успехов и любви в вашей новой совместной жизни как мужа и жены!

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