A rainy E-Session atop the Charles Bridge

A rainy E-Session atop the Charles Bridge

The lovely Irene & Ryan – who hail from Vancouver – contacted us for a last minute Engagement shoot here in Prague. A week out from their session date they contacted us asking to change the date due to the weather forecast. As they seemed really sweet (though clearly stressed with the weather) and their second date was my day off, I thought why not? The crew being available was also a big plus as we all agreed to give up our day off. The day before their session, well, you guessed it: the forecast called for rain and once again contacted us frantically asking to change the date once more. Unfortunately I was booked.

So what do to do? Well if you are young, adventurous and well you have no choice you just roll with it. And indeed we did. Instead of being a disaster we had the entire locations to ourselves and the bonus artistic, creative engagement photos that are the talk of the town. But do not take my word for it check them out for yourselves.

To see more images from this very rainy, wet, cold and yet fantastic session please visit their blog post here.

Irene & Ryan (CA) rainy autumn pre-wedding photo session captured at the Prague Castle, Old town Square, Mall Strana and overlooking Prague at Letna

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