WPJA Diamond Award Engagement Photography Prague photo3

WPJA Diamond Award Engagement Photography Prague photo3

An Autumn sunrise portrait session in Prague!

These sexy Indonesians were passing through Prague during a whirlwind tour of Europe and decided ‘why not have a session?’

After meeting up over coffee and sharing many laughs, it was decided that a pre sunrise session near the river would be ideal. Truth be told, if you are wishing for a more atmospheric, beautiful and intimate and or a very stylish portrait session on or near the Charles Bridge, one devoid of the 100’s of people cluttering up your background – a pre dawn session is really the best time. Or very late at night.

On that particular November morning with Candra & Kartika we were really lucky in that we had a gorgeous palette of colours as the sun broke above the skyline. As you can see in their backgrounds the wonderful hues of blue, purples and violets. It was exactly what we were looking for and of course the lovely lady was the star attraction.

When you have a good lucking couple who are really enjoying the moment – capturing these kinds of portraits are never really a problem even if there are a few people in the background.

After the Charles Bridge the fog really came up obscuring many sites such as the Castle. From that point we took a quick visit to the Old Town Square for a few more editorial type images. And then it was time to say good bye as these very busy people continued on with their European vacation.

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