stylish engagement photos Prague

stylish engagement photos Prague

A Prague love story photo session with Tina & Mike

A fantastic couple exploring Prague and in their own way with lots of laughter, fun, and dancing in their wonderful love story & engagement photos.

If you really wish to experience this incredible city in a relaxing calm way and without the massive tourists you should really consider getting up early to explore the medieval streets before the tourists invade. If you do, you will be greatly rewarded as there is no better way to experience the incredible atmosphere that Prague in the early morning hours can deliver.

Tina & Mike are one of our latest couples who did just that. They already had the crazy, all day & exhaustive 3 wedding dress pre-wedding photo shoot in Taiwan and decided that the next time they did this they would do it differently. They contacted me and after a few emails everything was arranged. On a cool recent morning after their hair & makeup prep – we met up, quickly hit it off and began our journey

Their idea was to keep it very relaxed, no posing (though they did appreciate being pointed to the best locations) and walking to some of the most wonderful locations and the results: authentic, captivating and lively colorful images that truly capture the fun and that special morning in Prague. The bonus, when the sun finally did make its appearance we created some of the most beautiful images and one of their favorites images (of them dancing under the Castle) was inspired by their favorite movie: La La Land.

Client RAVES!

The lovely Tina had this to say about her experience:

We had such a fun time in Prague, the highlight of our trip was our photoshoot with Kurt! We are so excited to see the photos once they are done 🙂

Please help us thank Kurt for his time, he made the whole experience so enjoyable and fun!

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