L+D  sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

L+D sunrise engagement photo session in Prague

It all started at McMaster University, where these two were completing their Bachelors of Commerce. Liz noticed Danny on the bus to school and Danny did take note of Liz in some of their respective classes. Though they both mentioned noticing the other to their friends they never had the right opportunity to interact. Such is life of a busy university student. After graduation and unbeknownst to each of them, they both moved to Toronto to pursue their careers.

And as Liz vividly recalls – ‘it was Valentine’s Day 2015, I was having some drinks at a friend’s condo in my building when Danny and his roommate walked through the door. I whispered to my friend, “I know that guy.” Danny walked over and broke the ice with “you went to McMaster, didn’t you?” We bonded over our shared sense of humour and the rest is history!’

After becoming officially engaged, they added a new and very colorful chapter to their new lives by traveling to Prague. And what is one of the best gifts you can give each other? Having an Engagement Portrait session captured at sunrise when the city is still asleep (except for those party kids who are leaving the clubs) and when the light is at it’s most glorious.

Braving the very early am wake up call for hair & makeup by the always smiling Eliska it was time to go explore this city of 100 spires. And they were wonderfully rewarded as the morning sunrise provided a truly unforgettable hue of colors. As I caught up with these two the sky and light changed fro a reddish orange to a warm golden yellow that few experience at the historic Charles Bridge.

And with one of the most beautiful cities in Europe providing a truly beautiful and quiet atmosphere these two truly had a blast taking in the sites and just being their very fun selves. As a photographer it was a real joy to capture their session as they really are a warm and fun couple.

Liz & Danny gorgeous sunrise Engagement portrait session in Prague

Prague Photography Locations: Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and Na Plavka (riverside)

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