Konopiste Castle Wedding Day Photography
Prague wedding & pre-wedding photos photographer Kurt Vinion

Konopiste Castle Wedding Day Photography

Oksana & Vladislav chose the stunning Konopiste Castle for their destination wedding in Prague. Originally from Russia, they wanted a special wedding for their family & friends and this stunning castle in the Czech countryside did not disappoint.

The castle was built about 7 centuries ago in a French Gothic style and has a stunning collection of tapestries, furniture, hunting memorabilia and of course truly stunning details that set this castle apart from the many others. Konopiste also served as the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne. I was told that he bullet that killed him is actually held their in the collection. Konopiste has also served in several famous films such as The Illusionist and to be able to shoot inside in some of its storied halls and rooms are  a real treat.

After their wedding ceremony we were given a private tour of the many stunning rooms and we were allowed to use a few of these rooms for a very quick portrait session. Obviously setting up lights and moving around furniture is a bit difficult so we kept it very simple under the incredible frescoes and chandeliers. 

Afterwards a few rounds of drinks and sweets with close family & friends on the castle grounds was in order before heading off to Prague where we simply followed them around during their portrait session.

This image was captured in an alleyway underneath Prague Castle and as you can see when you time it just right you can capture some truly stunning flare.

All in all, a very peaceful, relaxed and truly beautiful summer day with one of our favorite couples from Russia: Oksana & Vladislav.

Location: Konopiste Castle.