Penar & Cem watching the sunrise in Old Town

Penar & Cem watching the sunrise in Old Town

For adventurous couple seeking a truly incredible wedding day experience nothing beats getting up early and exploring Prague on your wedding day before sunrise. Penar & Cem did just that. They fell in love with Prague on an earlier visit and when we met up a few days before their wedding they were shocked with the insane amount of tourists. As their wedding was at the Turkish Embassy around lunch time I asked them if they would consider getting up and having a pre dawn start to their wedding day. Their smiles said it all. Their only concern, the schedule and especially the hair makeup for not only them but for their family members. A quick phone call to Linda Chudmilova and it was settled.

The day of their wedding starting out beautifully as the sky turned from darkness to a deep blue and then for a few moments mother nature provided us with a wonderful palette of colors. These two like a more staged look and we captured those motifs as well as gave them time to walk around and explore on their own. As the sunlight changes so quickly the atmosphere we walked to the Old Town Square and just in time. This picture of them cuddling up, as the sun light breaks above the sky behind them is one of my faves. The light hitting the tower where the Astronomical Clock was where they were looking. A few moments later and the square startet to fill with photographers and couples from Asia. We could only smile as we walked past to sit down in front of the Astonomical Clock to enjoy the sights and sounds of a medieval square coming alive.

I have been receiving more queries about this type of wedding coverage - to be honest, if you can manage it - it truly is an experience that exceeds the typical wedding in the city of Prague. They key is making sure your wedding ceremony is either at 10 am or 12 as afterwards most couples have a lunch with their family & friends and then an afternoon break (nap) before the start of their evening. This is not for everyone but for those couples who are eloping or having a very small wedding with a few family & friends - this is really the best way to experience such an incredible city and making it your city - on your wedding day.

Watching the sun light up the Old Town Square at sunrise on your wedding day

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