T&K stunning sun flared pre-wedding photos from Prague
Prague wedding photographer I pre-wedding photos I  Kurt Vinion
Prague wedding photographer I pre-wedding photos I Kurt Vinion

T&K stunning sun flared pre-wedding photos from Prague

Tiffany & Kiu - summer natural styled pre-wedding photo shoot captured in Prague

a visual feast of a young couple dancing under the flaring summer sun near the Charles Bridge during their pre-wedding shoot.

When Tiffany contacted me she was not a very happy young lady. She already had a pre-wedding session and instead of capturing natural styled images that captured her and her fiancee's personality the photographer instead posed them to create a series of portraits for his portfolio. As Tiffany stated, 'we deserve better than this' and then asked if I could do better. To be honest, I was a bit worried as they were already feeling crushed by their experience and the last thing I wanted was to add to this. So after listening to her and discussing what was important to them we headed out a few days later at before sunrise at Prague Castle to capture these two simply enjoying themselves and their time together. Truth is as a photographer you need to know when to pose and create a look but to simply pose a couple all day long is worse than going to the dentist. As our session progressed I would give them a few sneak peeks to build their confidence and as the session went on - it just got better and better. 

The most important thing we can do as photographers is to listen to our clients needs and then build our body of work around them. And for those who are still building their portfolios - if you give them enough room to simply enjoy themselves those magical stunning images develop - like this simple one of Kiu grabbing her hand and spinning her around as the sun flared around them. At the end when all was said and done I asked Tiffany what she thought about her session with me and she said 'everything is awesome'. 

To a sweet couple - thanks for taking a chance and spending that wonderful summer morning with me. 

Location: Prague, Czech Republic.