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Paris pre wedding / N & K / Château de Rambouillet / Château d’Esclimont portraits

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs Nanashima who traveled over from Japan to have their dream pre wedding portrait session in the French countryside and a few images captured in Paris. In addition to their photo session being featured here it has also been featured in French Wedding Style as well as several smaller blogs from around the world. 

When I met with our young lovers at the Château d’Esclimont I just knew we were going to have a great time. They were very laid back and very much looking forward to their session. As they were getting prepped I popped in for a few detail shots as I always feel that these kind of images are great especially when you can showcase the amazing location they were captured in. The Château d’Esclimont is a truly stunning 16th century chateau that just oozes charm and sophistication and so it was picture perfect for a few portraits of them as well. 

As our time was limited, we ventured out to the very fashionable Château de Rambouillet which many couples chose for their portrait sessions as the grounds and the chateau is quite striking. As we were on our way the inevitable happened, it rained. And this being France in the summer months it poured for what felt like an eternity with lighting strikes and thunder claps overhead. After a coffee break watching the rain pour down for what felt like hours, we walked over to the grounds with umbrella above our heads to capture a few images of them under the trees. Luckily for us it did clear a bit and as it did we were finally able to walk around the grounds of this very impressive 14th Century Château to capture a hand full of images.  Though we were soaked we had a few images everyone was happy with and decided to return to our home base: Château d’Esclimont.

Arriving at the Château de Rambouillet, the rain stopped as we entered the grounds. Once inside we created a few more portraits and one which is very popular with our brides is of the bride to be wearing her incredible wedding dress facing the doors. 

The next day it was off to Paris for a few hours and the couple decided on the Jardin du Luxembourg which was created in 1612 by Marie de' Medici, the widow of King Henry IV of France. As the weather was quite nice it was also incredibly busy with people and so we decided to work around the many tourists and Parisians walking about. This is truly a remarkable place to spend time and as such these two were quite happy bringing out some props that they wanted to use. 

Though our couple chose Paris and the stunning Chateau's for their session they were not too keen on the many landmarks with the hoards of tourists walking about  as they are quite shy. So the gardens and naturally the Eiffel Tower from the The Trocadero vantage point was really all they were looking for.  Some of their favorite images (and mine) are of the Eiffel Tower Carousel that is truly popular with couples from around the world for their pre wedding photos. Afterwards we decided to take in a walk to see the Seine and of course more landmarks. As time was short the last location of the evening was and has to be: the Louvre. And so with our van and crew at the ready we raced over to find that the entire area had been sealed off for a govt function for the evening. In effect, we were locked out of the entire ground. Not to be deterred we decided to have our final images at the Champs-Elysées. 

Truth be told, every photographer who visits Paris wishes to have the images from the Louvre but Mr. & Mrs Nanashima stated that it was not a priority for them as the countryside with the Chateau's were the reason why they came. And as this was their session who am I to argue with that. When your couples are so happy that they give you a departing gift you know you have done your job well. So a big thank you to two very lovely people who traveled over from Japan to have their dream session in the French countryside.

And a big shout out to Monique Trulove for a wonderful resource showcasing the best in wedding & pre wedding photography in France and a big shout out to one of the best wedding coordinators I have ever worked: Rieko and her amazing crew who took care of us in France and who always surprises me with wonderful locations to work at – Merci!