the newlyweds 1st embrace as MR & MRS - Prague weddings

the newlyweds 1st embrace as MR & MRS - Prague weddings

Vrtba Garden elopement wedding of Carrie & Matt (USA)

Carrie & Matt embrace moments after becoming officially married at the Vrtba garden in Prague. The American couple decided on an intimate elopement wedding.

One of my favorite couples for many reasons: they are not only two good looking people, but two of the most down to earth, warm, friendly people who you will always fondly remember for being - just them. Perhaps it is also because they are southerners - like myself and have that very laid back, everything is fine vibe. Or maybe, as a couple they just complement each other so very nicely.

We had such a great time on their wedding and Prague portrait session that there were simply enough images for a gorgeous wedding book, but also images for our beautiful lady to show to a modeling agency. They said Yes! An audacious start to a journey in life.

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