Andrea & Michal await wedding guests Chateau Mcely

Andrea & Michal await wedding guests Chateau Mcely

Church of St. Margaret Prague wedding Photos and wedding celebrations captured at the Chateau Mcely outside of Prague.

I was extremely honored to be Andrea & Michal’s wedding photographer for their intimate wedding here in Prague. The wedding was extra special in that the couple had created their wedding day exactly as they wished. Everything form the specially designed & created wedding dress to the small details of the party and celebrations were thoughtfully put together. And as Andrea & Michal spend part of their time here in Prague (the other part of the year in London) – they did everything themselves.

Their wedding venue of the Church of St. Margaret is one of my favorite places in Prague, as it sits on the grounds of the historic & beautiful Brevnov Monastary. The stunning church features paintings from the famous painter Brandl and it also as the rare distinction of being the very first Prague church that received from the Pope the honorary title of Basilica Minor.

After their beautiful ceremony we had a few moments to capture the groups and family portraits before it was time to head outside of Prague to the Chateau Mcely for the evening festivities.

Truth be told, I am always happy to get outside of Prague and take use of the scenery and the Chateau never disappoints especially when the sun starts it’s downward trajectory bathing the grounds in a contrasty Golden Light that we photographers crave for its colors and contrasts.

Andrea & Michal were truly in their element as their guests arrived and took part in a champagne toast to celebrate their union. For many who had never been here before, strolling the beautifully manicured grounds was a delight in itself. After everyone arrived I had time to capture many images of the family & friends enjoying themselves on a truly gorgeous summer day. One of the best things about their day was how relaxed everything was and how much fun everyone had. From the magician, to the well known musical acts (3 of them) everyone clearly had a wonderful time – including our newlyweds.

One of those little highlights of their wedding day was Andrea & Michal taking their young son to have a few portraits captured as the sun flared around them. Children grow up so quick that even a few images such as these will always be looked back upon as the smiles, the laughter, the intimacy shared between a couple who though they already had a child finally were able to wed and in their own way and share it with their son is truly special. I know they loved those images and as time progresses they will cherish them even more.

A Photogrpaher’s Perspective

I am always quite happy when a couple has something unique for their wedding guests and having a night full of musical entertainment gave me and my two assistants the much needed time to create a truly bespoke set of imags for Andrea & Michal. As the chateau grounds have a small fountain we set up the lights, the candles, the pillows and brought out some champagne for them to enjoy. Andrea & Michal had spent their entire day entertaining and speaking with so many people that I knew they would enjoy this small intimate location and a few moments to themselves. The pictures of them kissing when they stumbled upon the scene as well as them relaxing and enjoying some champagne are some of the many images from their wedding day that I (and I know they also very much appreciated it as they were dispayed prominitently in their wedding book) very much enjoy. But the best part of their wedding day was the time they spent with their very young son soaking up the incredible sunshine that made for some picture perfect portraits.

Thanks to Andrea & Michal for selecing me as their Prague photographer. Thanks also to my crew for doing a fantastic job on this wedding.

Location: Mcely 61, 289 36 Mcely Česká republika.

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