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Rome pre wedding photographer

Hana & Mark pre wedding engagement portrait session at the Forum in Rome. Without a doubt one of the most amazing cities in the entire world for a pre wedding engagement portrait session is Rome / Roma! The city is quite simply spectacular and a personal favorite when it comes to creating pre wedding engagement sessions. I was very excited when Hana & Mark who were traveling over from Singapore asked if I would join them in Rome for their pre wedding session as they sounded like two very warm and easy going people. For anyone who has ever been to Rome in the summer it is simply chaos and very busy and so they knew what to expect. On this particular day there were protest rallies in the city centre and for some unbelievable spate of luck we visited the Forum while it was nearly deserted. It was quite honestly a shock I have photographed weddings in Rome and have never seen such locations as this empty and during the daylight hours to. So knowing that were stumbled upon a very unique situation we posed our lucky couple for a few must have portraits and then simply let them enjoy the atmosphere overlooking the Roman Forum. I still get questions from other photographers on how it was possible to get this image and the truth is - sometimes you just get lucky.

Location: Rome.