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Prague pre-weddings & luxury lifestyle & engagement photography

Greetings my name is Kurt Vinion, I grew up in Germany and the United States and have been living in Prague since 2000. I started creating timeless, artistic and elegant pre-weddings in 2008 when a prominent person from Hong Kong called and asked if I would consider creating their session. After he explained to me what the Asian pre-wedding style was we decided to give it a go. Ever since then I have been hooked and have been luckily enough to have created pre-weddings and post wedding photo sessions not only around Europe but also in Hong Kong.

My approach is simple: to tailor a day of coverage that takes into account your favorite locations as well as your style and types of photography that you wish to have.  I am not keen on standing you in front of many locations and having you pose or look in to the camera. In fact, I think that is a disservice to couples who will one day look back and wish they had a mixture of styles: natural real moments as well as posed, lit portraits (where we set everything up like a fashion shoot) and natural light & golden light portraits.  Truth be told posing or what is quite common - having people stand in front of many locations and look in to the camera is the easiest and most boring type of photography and yes, it looks cheap because it is

I realize that my work is not for everyone, but for those couples who view their pre-weddings as an investment, one where they wish to have truly artistic, beautiful, flawless imagery that showcase not only how good they looked but more importantly capture what they were experiencing - well, you have come to the right pre-wedding photographer.

My Background

My background in photography started when I studied photojournalism at America's top photojournalism program WKU. My first position after WKU was the Director of Photography / Assistant Sports Information Director at the University of Louisville Athletic Dept. In addition to photographing sports full time and leading a team of photographers I was asked to be the photographer for Muhammad Ali and his foundation in Louisville. During this time photographing sports I also covered professional sports in the US for Reuters as well as freelanced for many of the top sporting magazines.

After shooting sports for nearly 5-years full time I was offered a position in Prague covering news and my career in photojournalism was launched. During this time of covering international news and reportage I moved to Berlin Germany where I was asked to cover celebrity portraits for Wire Image and Getty Images. Truth is, photographing celebrities sounds very exciting but the reality is: it is quite tedious and boring as every celebrity and their team of PR people and managers must vet the images before the are released.

I have been a wedding & portrait photographer since 2007 when a former colleague and friend demanded that I fly half way around the world to capture her beautiful wedding day in San Diego. At the time, having a reportage photographer at one's wedding was a novelty as wedding photography back then was quite conservative. A few weeks after returning to Berlin (where I was working at the time capturing celebrities for Getty Images and Wire Image) I was asked by a another friend if I would cover his wedding in Italy. Both of these weddings were incredible experiences and since then I have been hooked. As I feel that my style of wedding photography is still evolving it is hard to say exactly what style it really is. In essence it is a combination of photojournalism, product photography, magazine styled portraits and editorial all mixed in one. And no worries, as I regularly work in Ireland I am very experienced with creating family & group photos – some of which have over 250 people in them. Since moving back to Prague in 2008, I have focused entirely on weddings and portraits and have photographed hundreds of weddings & pre wedding portrait sessions worldwide.

People often ask how is is that a successful photojournalist crosses over to weddings and portraits? The truth is, after working very hard as a photojournalist around the world and missing out on my children and family time, I was looking for a new change and new direction in my photography – one where giving back and yes, capturing beautiful, happy people was more rewarding than capturing the misery associated with reportage and documentary work. Simply put, capturing weddings in a modern, yet beautiful and artistic style truly invigorates me and at the end of the day seeing the smile and the look on the brides faces when they see a hand full of images captured just moments before is simply priceless. My clients come from around the world for their pre wedding & engagement sessions and I have been asked several times to travel to their home countries to capture their wedding day as well.

Brides often ask me about awards – the truth is, I rarely enter contests. When I was working as a photojournalist I won some of the biggest prizes in photojournalism including two 1st Places in The Best of Photojournalism as well as a hand full of Czech Press Photos as well as a very highly coveted Sports Photographer of the Year awarded. Yet the biggest prize I have ever received: being told by a lovely lady who runs an orphanage in Kiev that my reportage was the reason why Americans were adopting children from her orphanage. Truth is, there is no award that can ever top this and knowing that my work was able to make a difference in these children's lives is simply priceless.

Pre Wedding Photographers in Prague

Though I am based in Prague I have photographed many pre weddings and engagement sessions around Europe as well as in Hong Kong. My Prague pre wedding sessions draw couples from around the world and thankfully these same wonderful couples have asked me to cover their weddings in not only Hong Kong but also in London. For those who are coming in from outside of the Czech Republic, a virtual meeting over Skype where we can discuss your ideas, your locations the timelines are typically worked out way in advance for your peace of mind. . Whether we discuss your ideas over Skype, email or a simple phone call, I am here to assist you in any way. Additionally, as the only American professional photographer in Prague who has been photographing pre weddings & engagement sessions since 2008 I would be quite happy to offer my insight as well as assist you in providing more information to make your stay go that much smoother. So no worries, when you hire Kurt Vinion to be your pre wedding photographer in Prague, London or anywhere else rest assured you are in good hands.

pre wedding Photographers in London

As an American photographer based in Prague I have been asked many times if I would cover couples weddings in London. Truth is it depends on our availability. London is a wonderful place for pre weddings and as one who has worked in London many times I would be happy to speak with you about creating a session. Please note that I do work with a crew and my crew is always willing to travel for our pre wedding sessions. And no worries, a London crew can be assembled if you wish to keep your costs down.

Destination pre-weddings

Being based in Prague certainly has its perks and one of those is being easy to fly to nearly every European capital within a few hours. My pre-weddings and engagement portrait sessions have taken place in many locations around Europe. As every couple and their needs are different please feel free to contact me about pricing and package options.

Pre wedding photographer reviews

Many couples find me through Google, word of mouth, referrals as well as from several wedding planning agencies located in Asia, Japan, Korea, as well as in Italy and France.

Wedding & pre wedding & engagement pricing

While I do not list my London & Prague wedding & pre wedding pricing information on my website, you can however easily obtain it by calling me, or emailing me via my contact form. As I have many types of coverage and collection pricing, the more information you can provide about the type of service you wish to have the better.

Collections begin with simple packages of time and digital files and go from there to larger collections with designer books and parents albums. I can also offer you a la carte pricing and special offers for multiple cities.