engaged magazine cover & feature J&J wedding in Prague

engaged magazine cover & feature J&J wedding in Prague

The gorgeous bride Jess whose destination wedding in Prague was not only featured in ENGAGED Wedding Magazine but this photo was the cover of the magazine.

It is wonderful when our couples have their weddings featured in magazines from around the world. One of my favorite couples from last year was Jess & James whose wedding at the Klementinum in Prague was featured not only in Engaged Wedding Magazine! but Jess's Golden Hour bridal portrait was selected as the cover. I have been featured in many wedding magazines but it is not often you can get a beautiful golden hour bridal portrait selected and this one certainly is magazine worthy.

Golden Hour bridal portraits in Prague

For many of our ladies having a few moments with your Prague wedding photographer can make the difference between having lackluster wedding photos or creative, award-winning and yes magazine feature worthy photos.

This golden hour bridal portrait of Jess is a perfect example. As we were doing a small intimate portrait session in and around the city centre we decided to pop in to this gem of a garden for a few moments to capture some beautiful foliage. And then that light - what we call the Golden Hour Light started to appear. Truth be told I knew that this kind of light would be occurring and more importantly when as knowing the locations in this city are vital to creating something unique and beautiful.

Jess was totally up for it and after capturing a few frames and showing her on the back of the camera she did one more pose and this is the image that is our favorite. A simple bridal portrait captured during the Golden Hour where magic truly happens of a beautiful young lady on her destination wedding in Prague!

And just to give our couples an idea of the beautiful type of imagery that you can expect during a Golden Hour session - here are a few more very simple, yet beautiful moments of Jess & James captured during their beautiful Prague wedding.

Though the dramatic sun light is not in this image due to the building blocking the light - I very much enjoy the playfulness of this image.

As everyones ideas of what constitutes a great image is selective - for me, this last image of the beautiful bride smiling to her husband as he stands there looking at her with the sun bathing her in that beautiful Golden Light is one of my favorites.