C&D marriage proposal Prague Castle St. Vitus Cathedral

C&D marriage proposal Prague Castle St. Vitus Cathedral

Dillon's friends knew that once he met Celeste it would be game over. They were so confident that when they were finally introduced at a party he was literally taken back. He was that smitten by her. She was also quite in to him as well. Fast forward a few years and it was time - after all she is the one. With the help of her father (yes, Dillon is the chivalrous type), a view master and an absolutely stunning diamond engagement ring (and yes, yours truly) an evening was planned that they would soon not forget. The only question he had: where should he propose? Truth be told I always say - go with your instincts. When it feels right - it will be right. As we made our way around the always impressive St. Vitus Cathedral Dillon knew. And just as the sun began to fade he brought out the view master and asked her to take a look - at the many moments they had shared together in the past. What follows is captured here adding to an already impressive collection of images and moments these two have shared.

Dillon & Celeste: A romantic marriage proposal in Prague

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