walking hand in hand Prague Old Town Golden Hour photo

walking hand in hand Prague Old Town Golden Hour photo

To review this gorgeous collection of heartfelt and real moments captured pre sunrise / sunrise and the Golden Hour please click this link here.

Tiffany & Kiu called me up and asked if I could be available for a last minute portrait session. They already had one in Prague with a local photographer and felt that it was a bit of a disaster. As Tiffany stated, 'we simply deserve better.' Truth be told I did have a bit of a laugh at their expense as - why hadn't they contacted me before? But the reality was - they went through an agency and everything was a 'bit of a disaster'. After hearing her ideas and what she wanted (and feeling quite bad for her as she is a really sweet lady) I agreed, but only if we can do it the next day and at sunrise. The next day we did just that - headed out before sunrise to capture two very sweet people and in their way. After all it is their portrait session. This is one of the many simple yet beautiful portraits - just a young couple in love walking hand in hand in the Old Town Square in Prague.

As Tiffany said later about her experience with yours truly - everything was perfect! An intimate pre-sunrise / sunrise / Golden Hour portrait session in Prague with Tiffany & Kiu. Prague pre-wedding & Engagement photography session with Kurt Vinion

Location: StaromEstske nam. | Stare Mesto, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic.

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