Under the cherry tree

Under the cherry tree

Ting & Jeff warned me that they were both a bit camera shy and unlike many of our couples - well, a bit older. For many couples the idea of being photographed when they are not naturals in front of the camera can be a nerve wracking experience. What if they do not feel comfortable? What if the photographer just poses them which is really the easy way out - especially now that photographers can use flash cards to pose couples - yes, I have seen this with many Asian photographers here in Prague. What if they hate their pictures after investing so much money?

But that was not a problem as we while we were exploring the many wonderful locations of Prague I gave them some advice and encouragement to just be themselves and to allow themselves to act as if the scenery unfolding around them was a back drop specially created for them. Of course having locations devoid of people encouraged them to really let themselves be free. One such moment was this one where Ting jumped into Jeff's arms. It was a moment that these two will always have as it was beautifully captured with Prague Castle in the background. A scene setter and a wonderful moment - my kind of photos.

As these specially offered Natural Light Session are more about documenting a couples experiences as they take in this beautiful city - I will of course provide some necessary encouragement - if the couple asks for it. After all not every couple is outgoing, in fact many couples need a bit of encouragement.

In the end it is all about satisfying and personally speaking - exceeding clients expectations. For Ting & Jeff we did just that!

To Ting & Jeff, I wish you both much happiness, success and luck as you enter a new stage in your lives as husband and wife! Thank you for selecting myself and my team for your pre wedding session here in Prague.

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