Classical bridal portrait of Julia Prague wedding

Classical bridal portrait of Julia Prague wedding

{Prague Weddings} Julia + Sergio stunning Prague wedding day!

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‘My name is Julia.  I am planning to get married on 28th of June 2014. After browsing  your beautiful work on your website my fiancè and I would like to involve you as our photographer for our special day.’

Honestly, I was totally smitten when I met Julia & Sergio. They were so excited, so very much in love and full of life and joy –  you just knew that they were planning a truly special day for the union of their two families: families & friends from Italy, Russia, Switzerland and many others from around the world. They knew Prague, the locations and they knew exactly what they were looking for. My only concern: making sure that they had time to enjoy it.  Weddings can be so over choreographed that couples rarely have a few moments alone until it is time for bed.

But Julia & Sergio had the time, time to breath, relax, and take it all in after a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Thomas and to reflect on the days events while overlooking one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. I doubt they will ever forget those special moments above Prague on that very special summer day in June.

It was a beautiful and wonderful in so many ways, I hope these images convey that.

To Julia & Sergio, I wish you both much love, happiness and prosperity in your new lives together as husband and wife.

Location: Letenská 12/33, Prague, 118 00, Czech Republic.

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