Charles Bridge Silhouette

Charles Bridge Silhouette

Not only did Ray have a truly wonderful trip and a pre wedding portrait session planned for his beautiful girlfriend Enzo, but he wanted to make it official. So on a very special & romantic evening under a rare Super Moon, Ray got down on one knee and proposed to Enzo on top of one of the most romantic places in Europe: The Charles Bridge.

Enzo was clearly in shock and with tears running down her cheeks she smiled and quickly said yes. As a former magazine photographer who traded in social reporting for capturing these wonderful sessions where people are having fun and enjoying their lives together – it is evenings like this that make this work all the more special. There are really no words that I can express to sum up my feelings of being invited to capture this wonderful moment in two very special peoples lives.

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The following is a small sample of images form their collection that they chose. Hair & Makeup by the wonderful and talented Jitka Novotna. Lighting assistance provided by Cary Hubbs.

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