a kiss on the Charles Bridge in Prague

a kiss on the Charles Bridge in Prague

Like nearly all of our couples from Hong Kong this year Hebe & Pierre wanted it all: sunrise, sunset, multiple outfit changes, the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Riverside, garden, artistic natural styled portraits and a few traditional (posed) portraits during their session.

In short, they wanted it all and who am I to say no. So with the usual crew (Eliska, Cary, Kari & Zu) we provided just that – everything that you can imagine on your Prague pre wedding. And a beautiful reddish orange sky at sunrise that left all of us breathless. After many weeks of dull looking sunrises, we had a truly spectacular spectacle of mother nature providing us with a glorious palette of pinks, reds, oranges and blues. It was incredible and with our wonderful lighting crew we created some truly beautiful images of our couple.

After we captured them at the Charles Bridge we then proceeded to do what we always do: take a tour of this incredible city and visit as many places as possible. The idea is not to simply check off a list of places, but to explore interesting and unique locations that most couples would not have seen otherwise such as the Royal Garden, the riverside and of course those hidden gems of places only we know…

What I really enjoyed about capturing these two: how lovely they are as a couple, sweet, always smiling and of course a very hip and stylish couple – which makes the images look that much more amazing. And Hebe, what a beautiful lady she is too.

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