quiet moment between bride & groom secret garden Prague

quiet moment between bride & groom secret garden Prague

They traveled over from Israel to marry outside of Prague at Hrad Cerveny Ujezd. With close family & friends watching it was a beautiful summer day to marry. The beautiful, radiant bride Yana was all smiles as they sauntered down the petal covered ground as they left the alter. Daniel clearly was the happiest man alive.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and I like that analogy. Some of the most beautiful pictures captured from that unforgettable summer day are of the two of them in what I like to call 'the secret garden'. When we walked in and stumbled upon a family of peacocks we knew we found the right atmosphere.

As the sun began to creep lower and lower it created this ethereal quality that bathed these two in the golden light. Pictured here is one of my favorite moments captured at that special time and place. Just two people madly in love celebrating their wedding day with a quiet moment - beautifully photographed and cherished.

If you desire this style of wedding photography please feel free to contact me. I would enjoy reading about you and your wedding day.

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