Bridal portrait at St. Nicholas Church Prague

Bridal portrait at St. Nicholas Church Prague

Originally from mainland China and now living in Singapore, the adorable Lei Nan & QT were looking for a more 'classical' & 'posed' pre-wedding portrait session in Prague before their imminent wedding day in Singapore. The rules, 'no kissey' photos and more importantly - many photos of the lovely bride-to-be as she was the 'star' of this session. QT certainly knows how to keep his lady happy and during their portrait session he spent much of his time photographing her and uploading the images to his Facebook account. It was a very much fun and beautiful day.

Their morning started with the Charles Bridge shrouded in fog as a orangish red glow crept slowly above the gray/blue sky and then suddenly -  a dazzling array of pastel colors lit up the sky. It was a beautiful start and afer a few quiet moments of these lovers enjoying their time and especially the views together, a few stand out and individually styled portraits of the lovely bride-to-be were created.  Moments later, the bridge was quickly engulfed with tourists and even other couples who were also there for their pre-weddings and so it was time to head off.

The next location was the always delightful Old Town Square where the sun broke about the skyline and provided everyone with a warmth that was surely appreciated. And to get them warmed up a bit more QT grabbed the lovely Lei Nan and spun her around as the sunlight flared around them. A very wide angle lens beautiful captures these two enjoying the  Old World charms of one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

One of the key reasons why QT and Lei Nan chose Prague was due to its wide array of architecture and of course it's gardens. The Vrtba Garden (Vrtbovska Zahrada) is on many couples must visit lists when coming to Prague as it truly is an architectural gem. One of the best things about this garden is the incredible background it provides for a more elegant portrait session as well as the many locations that are possible here. Lei Nan had seen many photos captured here and she really wanted this style of photography and as you can see it turned beautifully.  In fact, the session looks more like a magazine cover shoot than a pre-wedding session. Their other chosen locations were: St. Nicholas Church, as well as Prague Castle and lastly for their finale: the Charles Bridge where it all began earlier in the day. To say that some of their final images captured at the Charles Bridge is quite beautiful and striking truly is an understatement.

If there was a word to describe these two it must certainly be: lovely.

Location: St. Nicholas Church, Prague.

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