Fuck the Rain! Prague E-Session Charles Bridge photo

Fuck the Rain! Prague E-Session Charles Bridge photo

A rainy engagement photo session photographed in Prague before sunrise

The lovely Irene & Ryan – who hail from Vancouver – contacted us for a last minute Engagement shoot here in Prague. A week out from their session date they contacted us asking to change the date due to the weather forecast. As they seemed really sweet (though clearly stressed with the weather) and their second date was my day off, I thought why not? The crew being available was also a big plus as we all agreed to give up our day off. The day before their session, well, you guessed it: the forecast called for rain and once again contacted us frantically asking to change the date once more. Unfortunately I was committed to another client and was not able to do both at the same time.

There is a difference between the American / North American Engagement Photo Sessionand the ‘Asian pre-wedding‘ or ‘overseas photo shoots‘. The pre-weddings sessions tend to be more structured, lit ( lighting crew ), hair & makeup prep and at times in attendance and of course wedding outfits (2-3 wedding gowns is quickly becoming the norm) and a more posed look. Whereas the Engagement sessions are really about two people exploring the city and are photographed in a natural – spontaneous way with their normal clothes with very little posing or even directing. On the morning of the session we met up with them at the castle where Irene was wearing a white wedding dress and her always smiling fiancee Ryan was wearing a dark outfit – and they (like ourselves) were already soaked. Truth be told, as a professional photographer one who works with a crew – you can create stunning images with the rain. After capturing a few images (the castle gates in both color and B&W for starters) and showing these images on the back of my trusty and nearly waterproof Canon EOS 1Ds MarkIII everyone relaxed, smiled – everything was going to be ok.

One of my favorite moments was when we were shooting posed portraits of Irene under the Powder Tower and there was a group of 10-12 Japanese tourists all with cameras (and flashes going off like mad) as she posed for a few images. It was quite funny as they were very excited to show us their images and of course Irene being the center of attention was all smiles as well. Even in the worst of situations something funny, beautiful and unforgettable occurs making it all worth while – fate is like that. We took leave of our new friends and headed up to one of my favorite places overlooking the city down below for our session wrap. It was really at that time the rain stopped and the sky lightened a bit. After a few sitting shots overlooking the valley down below, we said our goodbyes and left them to enjoy the park – after all the sun was starting to shine.

Pictured here are various styles and their faves captured during that session – a session where having the right kind of lighting crew really does make a difference.

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