Family + special event photographer Prague
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Family + special event photographer Prague

Looking for a family & special event photographer in Prague, Czech Republic? Not willing to settle for anything less than beautiful & fun photos for your special occasion? Then contact us here at Kurt Vinion (USA) Photography for our rates and special packages. We can also provide full video coverage in 4K with one of our cinematographers.

F+S had a large 3 day wedding in Brussels with many family & friends flying in from around the world. Afterwards their incredible wedding, they traveled with close close family members to Prague to celebrate their nuptials and the bonus - they treated everyone with a special private photo session during their final night in Europe. The idea: give everyone a chance to have their own portrait captured at Prague's Aria Hotel on the rooftop which has a beautiful panorama view of the castle and St.Nicholas Church. With our lighting kit set up it was time to have some fun and we certainly did.

Though the weather did not cooperate that did not stop us from capturing many wonderful moments shared between family members & close friends. Here is a small sample of that wonderful evening photographed here in Prague during their last night in Europe.

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