Best pre wedding portraits from Prague Czech Republic
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Best pre wedding portraits from Prague Czech Republic

A sunrise & sunset pre wedding session in Prague with Alice & Mun

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Alice & Mun are a fantastic couple who will be marrying in Singapore a few short weeks. Like many couples they were searching for something a bit different for their pre wedding session and as such they chose Prague. Prague is quickly becoming one of the top pre wedding destinations in not only Europe but the world.

What I enjoyed about Alice & Mun, how easy going and laid back they were to simply hang out with and capture as they explored this amazing city.

We started our session on the Charles Bridge before sunrise and followed a route that maximizes the possibilities for the best photos before finishing up at Prague Castle. After an afternoon break, a new hair style and a new look it was time to head out again for a late afternoon / sunset / evening session and we chose the stunning Vrtba Zahrada (Garden) for our start and then headed up to Prague Castle before finishing up at the Charles Bridge where this wonderful day had its start.

For couples who are really looking for the best in pre wedding photos in Prague this is simply the only way to enjoy the city. Very few tourists are out before sunrise, the wonderful sunrises & sunsets over the many spires of this historic city and a few beautifully crafted night time portraits and you have a collection of stunning images without the tourists. Truth is, this is the only way to explore this city. So if you are looking for the very best in pre wedding portrait sessions in Prague consider having a sunrise and sunset session. After all you deserve the best!