Because life is beautiful Sunrise atop Charles Bridge

Because life is beautiful Sunrise atop Charles Bridge

If you are going to invest thousands of Euro’s in your pre-wedding session in Prague there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First – what kind of session do you wish to have? Do you wish to be directed or ‘posed’ the entire session? Or are you more interested in having real, authentic, natural styled images that showcase your personalities in a fun way..

The other key question: what type of session daytime, night time or a mixture of both?
If you are traveling from afar and looking to plan the perfect pre wedding / overseas photo session in Prague these are the questions you should ask yourselves first.

For our latest and very sexy and hip couple from Taiwan they were not really sure what they were looking for, but they did wish to have images that captured their personalities and were fun. After a discussion over Skype as well as hearing about how they met, how long they have been together and why here and now, we had a great idea of what they were looking for. In short, they wanted it all. The wonderful locations that make Prague famous (without the tourists in their background) the day time & night time and those incredible golden light hour images that are very popular this year. And of course a mixture of styles to make everyone back at home happy. Naturally some advice on how to pose that accentuates the outfits and make them look as good looking as they can be – which is pretty easy with these two.

To create this session we started very early in the am long before the sun came up to create some posed images. The Charles Bridge at sunrise is always a popular choice and then we progressed through the Golden Light Hour and chased the sun to our favorite garden in Prague – the Royal Garden. What follows is a wonderful morning where everything worked just right and where the results speak for themselves.

Did we have fun? I think the images speak for themselves. Did we create some gorgeous images? Absolutely!


周詠傑 Not only the quality of the photos, but also the whole services are awesome. We are really happy and lucky to let Kurt and his team to create our Pre-Wedding photo. We will never forget such wonderful session and the memory from them and Praha.

Wendy & Jack - pictured during their Golden Light Portrait atop the Charles Bridge in Prague!

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