a beautiful pre-wedding portrait session in Venice M&J
Prague wedding & pre-wedding photos photographer Kurt Vinion

a beautiful pre-wedding portrait session in Venice M&J

without a doubt these two are a very stylish, hip and successful couple who live in Thailand. They dreamed of having a session in Venice and after looking at many portfolios they called me. I was a bit surprised as I had never worked in Venice before but why not as they sounded so sweet and excited.

We met up at the exquisite Hotel Danieli (yes, I know a very popular place for pre-weddings in its own right but unfortunately very busy while we were there limiting our interior shooting) and quickly set out on one of the hottest days of the year.

Michelle had a very traditional white wedding dress from Thailand that was clearly the center of attention but after about an hour it was time to change into our 2nd outfit of the evening - a stunning red dress. Jack was and seemingly always is all smiles as he gazed at his beautiful bride to be.

So a few more hours walking around and then a special Gondola ride - which was in and of itself a special treat. But Jack was not done, after a quick drink at the rooftop terrace of the Hotel Danieli  we then took a water taxi over to the very quiet and laid back vibe of the Isola De S. Giorgio Maggiore to watch the sunset over St. Marks (it was unforgettable). Just walking around capturing these two exploring it was simple enough but as Michelle is quite a stunner we did a very sexy pose with her with St. Marks in the back.

Afterwards a trip around Venezia to take in a stunning sunset that went on and on. But not to be outdone we had one more dress left - a white wedding dress and with this one we create a more lit style of portraits to complete out their vey sexy, beautiful portfolio of images.

Location: Venezia, Italia.